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TED 5000 with Wattvision.com and Google Power Meter

We have been using the TED 5000 energy monitor for a few months and have been most happy with it. The little display sits by Kelly's desk so the she can monitor usage. Having the amount you are spending per hour is right in front of you  provides mighty encouragement to wander around the abobe […]

Small, home backup, natural gas generator efficiency

Based on .293Kwh per cubic foot of natural gas and full load consumption of 191 cu. ft an hour, it appears that home natural gas generators operate at about 35% efficiency. Not as good as combined cycle commercial plants, but pretty competitive with the grid in general.  Cummins Onan Natural Gas Residential Generator Comparison

The Geeks Shall Not Inherit the Earth — Seeking Alpha

“I am indeed rich, since my income is superior to my expense, and my expense is equal to my wishes.” – Edward Gibbon.

Using freight trains going downhill to generate electricity?

Interesting idea here from  Tom Bartley : http://www.cleanfleetreport.com/rail/clean-energy-freight-trains-gravity/ At first read I thought this idea was too expensive to implement to be practical. Then, remembering my drives through Helper, UT, I saw the possibilities. Helper sits at the base of a steep pass that is very highly trafficked with coal trains destined for points east. The […]

CO2 From Electric Power in US My short version of the real differences in Gasoline vs Electric cars and CO2 emissions.

Games and more

I noticed the following NYT article and it reminded me of the tremendous capability that Apple has the “computer gaming” world that has yet to be unleashed. Steve Jobs is the founder and major mover/player in Pixar, the finest computer animation studio in the world. Virtually every successful animated film released by this studio has […]

Economical or FREE way to send your child (or yourself) to college

Distance learning, or taking classes over the Internet, has introduced an interesting option for college. Here in Mississippi, despite press to the contrary, we have a very good community college system with campuses located in rural areas. These campuses are increasingly providing classes that will lead to a degree at night and online. With tuition […]

Home power monitoring

I recently installed a TED ( The Energy Detective) 1001 power monitoring unit and I am pretty happy with it. It shows things like your current KWH usage, to date usage, estimates your electric bill, etc. It even displays the CO2 output for your part of electrical use and logs your voltage. An optional software […]

College or not? Value being questioned.

‘Personal finance guru Suze Orman says college is a no-brainer for kids who can be lawyers and doctors. But she says that in this economy, many others should reassess the value of a generic bachelor’s degree. She believes it ultimately might not be worth it.Orman said it’s often smarter to acquire specific marketable skills at […]