TED 5000 with Wattvision.com and Google Power Meter

We have been using the TED 5000 energy monitor for a few months and have been most happy with it. The little display sits by Kelly's desk so the she can monitor usage. Having the amount you are spending per hour is right in front of you  provides mighty encouragement to wander around the abobe and find out just what is left on sucking all that power. TED estimates an average household energy savings of 15% just by having real time usage information easily available.

Interfacing the TED to the internet and then to Google Power Meter and Wattvision, allow history to be saved.  The wattvision.com site, has interesting graphics, comparison against other users, and an easy way to share your usage data.  Currently, the interface from TED to wattvision requires a client computer running the wattvision uploader in the background. Possibly wattvision  will implement on the server side, polling the TED device over the Internet. Writing a Wget, Perl, or PHP script to do this via chron is straight forward due the Wattvision API, and the TED's XML output. ( It is on my todo list but I hope Wattvision gets to it first!)

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