Font embedding

The promise of font embedding in web pages is very slowly getting closer to being fulfilled. Though Microsoft Internet Explorer has had the .eot font conversion method for years, Safari (3.2 and possibly 3.1)  now supports the @font-face directive for TrueType fonts.  Though well documented as a new feature for Firefox 3.1, I just tested […]

Plug-in Hybrid Cars – real life data

Google offers its employees free use of a fleet of plug-in conversion hybrid vehicles of various types. With the variety of cars and drivers, as well as Google’s predisposition to data collection and display, this provided a good test of real-life statistics of plug-in hybrids. The good news? You really can get almost 100 mpg […]

Madoff Scandal

Scary thought. clipped from  

India and Technology

When I think  of India, it is usually with a negative connotation. Not India’s fault, but the fault of American businesses from Dell to my bank(!) that has offshore support telephone support. Frankly, language isn’t the problem, the people from India I have spoken to have a very good command of the King’s english. Quite […]

New Orleans – part 2

We had a fine trip. It is my first trip since Katrina that felt like New Orleans is really getting back to “normal”, well normal for New Orleans anyway. The crowds are back on the street cars, the restuarants are back to the fine standards of the past, and there was nary a mention of […]

Cool morning

Well, my site says it cooled to 28.9F last night. I hope the spinach, kale, swiss chard and turnip plants survived it. I feel terrible that I forgot to pick the green tomatoes yesterday. Maybe if get those green tomatoes this morning they will be ok to fry at lunch time? UPDATE: The tomatoes froze […]

How easy it is to forget New Orleans

Not forget as in the Katrina recovery way, but easy to forget because it is practically in the neighborhood. Let me explain — the train station in Brookhaven in literally 240 feet from our door. The “City of New Orleans”, train 59, leaves at noon and arrives in New Orleans at 3:00ish in the afternoon. […]

Stock Market and economy

Just to note my thoughts on the stock market, mostly so I can go back and read how wrong or maybe even correct my predictions turned out to be. Overall market will continue to trend down until s&p 500 p/e ratio based on trailing earnings is under 11. Some limited upside in tech stocks ( […]

Colorado Fall Trip

We had a great working trip to Colorado. Little one in tow, we decended on a friends house for a lovely and busy ten days in the Roaring Fork Valley. Flying directly into Aspen made the trip a bit easier.