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I noticed the following NYT article and it reminded me of the tremendous capability that Apple has the “computer gaming” world that has yet to be unleashed. Steve Jobs is the founder and major mover/player in Pixar, the finest computer animation studio in the world. Virtually every successful animated film released by this studio has been a block-buster. So much so that Disney recently acquired them. The amount that Disney paid for Pixar resulted in Steve Jobs becoming the largest individual shareholder of Disney. Arguably, he runs Disney. Though, actually he sits on the Board of Directors and decides who runs Disney.

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Recently, Apply has aquired a semiconductor design firm, the best talent in producing graphic display chips, and a semiconductor manufacturing expert and VP from IBM. So concerned that Apple is going to compete with IBM on computer chips that a lengthy lawsuit was filed by IBM against Apple.

What does this all mean? Apple is quietly acquiring capability needed to produce games. Not just produce games but to custom make the best processors designed specifically for gaming, use Apple’s legendary human-interface and manufacturing and marketing skills to produce and sell a “box” or gaming console, and through the talents of nothing less that Pixar and Disney, to create software that will run on those consoles that is probably well beyond our wildest game – fantasy.

Will this happen? My guess is Yes. It is really going to be something when they do. Owning the silicon through the software, it will really be profitable too. This will be the legacy that Steve Jobs leaves the world, and it will be amazing.

(Disclosure: I don’t “game”, after working on the computer all day for a living, I would rather build something of wood or garden in my leisure time.)