Economical or FREE way to send your child (or yourself) to college

Distance learning, or taking classes over the Internet, has introduced an interesting option for college. Here in Mississippi, despite press to the contrary, we have a very good community college system with campuses located in rural areas. These campuses are increasingly providing classes that will lead to a degree at night and online. With tuition for a full time student in the $800 a semester range these colleges are a bargain! A new development in distance learning at Mississippi State University will allow a student to spend two years at a community college  and transfer credit to Mississippi State. Then the student can complete 36 hours or so, completely online, for a BS degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a choice of emphasis six areas, from Business to Technology to Social Work.
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The price of 4 x $800= $3,200 plus  36 hours x $216 = $7,776 or approximately $11,000 plus books, all while living at home and working a full to part time job. Now, the MTAG grant ( ) will provide, with no financial need shown, $3,000 of this amount. If you middle income to lower income, you will likely qualify for a Pell grant up to $21,000. ( )

Don’t forget the Federal Tax Credits!